Pastor Bill’s Babbling Brook

Weekly Edition of Church News & Notes: 7-12-19

A Meal for Parents With Kids (PWKers)
Parents who have kids from newborn to twelve have a lot of responsibilities and it can be exhausting.
Our church would like to express our appreciation for their efforts with a delicious Wings and Chips
meal following morning worship this Sunday. We would love for all the parents of kids to join us. All
you have to do is let me know what type of wings you like and how many of your family will be
attending. My daughter Sarah and her friends will assist in watching the kids so hopefully the parents
can eat in peace. We will also discuss how the church could assist families with kids in the future.
Please join us for this enjoyable time together.

Vacationing In Colossea: A Unique Sermon Series​​​​​​​
Bring your sunglasses on Sunday as we continue our vacation in Colossea. Last week, we discovered
that we can relax because someone thinks we are very important. There is also someone who thinks
we are holy and they are grateful for our efforts. The last two reasons we can relax is because we are
just passing through this world and someone is praying powerfully for us. I hope the sermon was an
encouragement. This week we continue our trip as we attempt to enjoy the full benefits of getting
away. I would like for you to think about a favorite book that you read on vacation. This will help us
get into the Scripture which is Colossians 1:15-25. Thank you for your consistent prayers for me as I
prepare the sermon for this week.

Carowinds Trip Tuesday, July 16th​​​​​​​
Our annual trip to an amazing amusement park is right around the corner. The Copperhead Strike is the newest roller coaster at Carowinds which boasts the most head over heels inversions in North America (5). Because we go on a weekday, the lines are normally much shorter. The variety of water slides will be there to cool us off. As always, we will leave the park for lunch to save some cash. Prices have gone up to $40. Please let Preston Bayne know if you are going by Sunday, July 14th.

Children’s Trip To Water Park Tuesday, July 23rd​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Whirling Waters in Summerville has been a favorite destination of our kids for quite some time. The park has a variety of slides and pools for everyone to enjoy. The cost will be $12. We encourage each person to bring a bag lunch. The church will provide drinks. The vans will leave at 9 AM sharp. If you have any questions, see John Lowrimore. There will be a sign up sheet in the foyer. We need to know exactly how many will be going with us by Sunday, July 21.​​​​​​​

Letter From Pastor Bill
Hello Friends,

Hope all is well! We are looking forward to another great day of worship on Sunday. Here are updates on prayer requests. Mr. Carol Johnson remains on the ventilator at the Richland Heart hospital and he has not been responsive for several days. Please ask God to touch. Mrs. Melv Moore is back at Health South after a few days at the Heart hospital. Emily Smoak's husband Jeremy is in the Baptist hospital. Mike and Melody Johnson's daughter had a baby. We are grateful baby and mother are doing well. Charlotte Sanders' daughter Misty is pregnant. Please pray that the baby will be healthy and develop well. Darrell Jenkins has the possibility of receiving extensive rehabilitation that could help him regain strength in his legs. There are still several important interviews and tests that must be done before he could get into the program. Please ask God to work this out. Lastly continue to lift up Donna Sulser, Ben Pearman, Karri Mahaffey, Joe Moore, the Halls, Darrell Jenkins' friend and all of our shut-ins.  Thanks again for being part of our church family.

God Bless,

Pastor Bill