Pastor Bill’s Babbling Brook

Weekly Edition of Church News & Notes: 1.17.20

Prayer Partner Program​​​​​​​
Nothing is more important than communicating with God! It is such a blessing to know that there are others that are praying for us. Beginning in February, WCFN will launch a two month program where individuals will be paired up with someone so they can lift the other person up to the Lord. Since many of us are uncomfortable praying out loud, we will encourage people to send their prayers through text messages. This will also make it a lot easier to connect with the other person since they can read your prayer text at the most convenient time. Over the next two Sundays, the bulletin will have a place where you can sign up to be a prayer partner and you can give us a phone number where you can be reached. This program will end the week of Easter which is April 12. I am convinced that prayer partners could totally change our church forever. Please sign up in the next two weeks.

Reconciliation Ministries & First Family Feast Next Sunday, January 26​​​​​​​
God has the power to totally transform lives and set us free from our chains. Next Sunday morning, we have the privilege of welcoming the men and women from Reconciliation ministries. This group will sing and share their testimonies of God’s amazing grace. What the Lord has done for them, He can do for us and our loved ones. Please join us for this celebration Sunday. We will also move our First Family Feast up a week so we can also enjoy a meal with our guests. The church will provide the ham and the rest of us are encouraged to bring side items and desserts. May God move among us during the special day.

Men’s Bible Study on Wednesday Nights​​​​​​​
Curtis Martin enjoys life and loves the Lord. Being his friend over these 22 years has brought much laughter and joy. I wish everyone could get to know him like I know him. So here is your chance! Curtis has agreed to lead a men’s Bible study on Wednesday Nights for the months of February and March. They will be going along with the readings for that week in the book “The Story”. We especially want to encourage guys who might have to work on Sundays or who are unable to make it to Life Groups on Sunday Mornings. This is a great opportunity to get to know a really good guy and to draw closer to God.
Children’s Bible Quiz Saturday, February 1
This event will take place at West Columbia Central. Let’s go and cheer our kids on as they learn God’s Word.

Letter From Pastor Bill

Hello friends,

It is so good to be home! Thanks again for your prayers. I can't wait to be back in church with you all. Tomorrow will be another wonderful day of worship. As far as prayer requests, Melveline Moore is in the Heart hospital with pneumonia. Kevin Wessinger is in Lexington Medical Center after having a stroke. James Birchmore has been moved to the Lexington Extended Care. Mildred Hendley is recovering from her hip surgery in Still Hopes facility.  Please continue to remember Rod Dinkins, Carolee Loar, Ben Pearman, the Moores, the Halls and the many others listed in our bulletin.  Hope to see you tomorrow as we do life together.

God Bless,

Pastor Bill