Pastor Bill’s Babbling Brook
Weekly Edition of Church News & Notes: 9.22.2023

Jacob Lowrimore: Top Quizzer in the State
Last Saturday, our Teen Bible Quiz Team had a very successful day in Midland Valley competing against the very best South Carolina Nazarene quizzers. During the round robin portion of the schedule, our group came in 3rd Place as a team. Jacob Lowrimore placed tied for the top individual quizzer with a 63.3 per game average. Jacob won the tiebreaker competition which makes him the first ever top quizzer from West Columbia First. We are very proud of his accomplishment. Janyah Weed also tied for fifth place with a 60 per game average. She also won the tiebreaker competition. What an incredible day of quizzing for our church! We appreciate our amazing coach Kristi Harmon. They normally practice after church on Sundays. The other members of the team are Kasidy Sease, Claire Lowrimore and Angel Rivera. Feel free to ask them to recite a memory verse for you! Their next quiz is in Manning on Saturday, October 14th. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Sermon Series for September Concludes On Sunday
Throughout this month, we have looked at Scriptures that dealt with people eating together. This is appropriate since our church theme for this year is “Tables”. The first week, as we considered Jesus’ feeding of the 4,000, we realized God has people who aren’t exactly like us that He would like us to invite over a meal or out to eat with the express purpose of having a God moment with them. The second sermon of this series dealt with the Passover meal in Exodus 8. Just like each course of the meal had symbolic significance, so the items we eat should remind us to share our story of God’s redemption. Then last week, we looked at the heavenly banquet that takes place in glory. Hopefully this gave us the motivation for us to reach out to those God places on our hearts. Please join us on Sunday as we conclude our series called “Tables”.

RightNow Media Recommendation: Jesus in Our Generation by Ben Stuart
Each person in our congregation is encouraged to sign up for our RightNow Media website. There are so many insightful videos and Bible Studies that address all areas of our spiritual journey. The one study that especially spoke to me is “Jesus in Our Generation” by Ben Stuart. This video addresses such topics like “The Influence of Technology”, “The Need for the Church” and other relevant subjects. Check this video out and see if you don’t agree. If you have been moved and inspired by a series found on RightNowMedia, let us know so we can share it with others. Please see Regina Martin if you need the details to sign up for this website.

Brotherhood Breakfast and Ect.: Tuesday at 9 AM
Our men and women will gather at the Lizard’s Thicket in Oak Grove for a delicious meal and encouraging conversations on Tuesday at 9 AM. This restaurant provides us with a large room for privacy. Please consider coming out.​​​​​​​

Wednesday Nights are Growing
Wednesday nights are full of excitement at WCFN.
Our children’s bible groups are growing each week.
We couldn’t be happier!
But, we could use a few helpers that love children.
If you would like to be a part of influencing a child’s life, please talk to Regina.
It’s a wonderful experience and, of course, our kids are the best!

Coming Soon: Children’s Quiz Practices
Ms. Martha and Mrs. Anne do an amazing job of keeping
quiz practice fun! The kids get together on Sunday after
church and learn the lessons together. If your child is
interested in quizzing this year, please see Anne Shaw or
Martha Romanstine

Food Pantry Drive
Our monthly food pantry has grown to provide nourishment for
around 30-35 families. While we are grateful for everyone who is
bringing in goods, we realize there might be some who would like
to sponsor a family each month. The estimated cost
of the couple of bags of groceries is $30. We’d love to get 30 donors! Please let
Anne Shaw know if this might be your way of assisting this
important program and pick up a magnet in the foyer.​​​​​​​

SC Nazarene District Stats For 2022-2023
                                                     Worship                   Sunday School & Bible Studies
                                        1. Midland Valley (833)                 1. Midland Valley (724)
                                        2. Disciples Church (246)             2. Disciples Church (245)
                                        3. Columbia First (180)                 3. Cherrydale Hispanic (202)
                                        4. Sumter First (157)                     4. Columbia First (201)
                                        5. Cherrydale Hispanic (140)        5. Greenville First (196)
                                        6. Greenville First (130)                6. Sumter Wise Drive (152)
                                        7. Sumter Wise Drive (130)          7. Rock Hill Emmanuel (130)
                                        8. Manning New Start (122)         8. Sumter First (93)
                                        9. West Columbia First (108)       9. Charleston Calvary (91)
                                       10. Rock Hill Grace (102)             10. Greenwood Community (86)

                                                Conversions                                    Baptisms
                                       1. Disciples Church (69)                1. Disciples Church (50)
                                       2. Reconciliation Church (50)        2. Midland Valley (27)
                                       3. Sumter Wise Drive (25)             3. Cherrydale Hispanic(18)
                                       4. Cherrydale Hispanic (25)          4. Rock HIll Emmanuel (12)
                                       5. Manning New Start (23)            5. LLuvia De Vida (11)
                                       6. Sumter Calvary (20)                  6. Reconciliation Ch. (11)


Worship Opportunities this week:
Sunday Life Groups at 10 & Worship at 11
Sunday Afternoon Parking Lot Praise Service at 4 PM
Choir Practice at 5
Wednesday Youth & Teens at 6:30 PM
Wednesday Men's Bible Study at 6:30 PM
Wednesday Ladies Bible Study at the Church or on Zoom at 6:30​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ PM
Adult Bible Study at 6:30 PM

Encouraged By People’s Giving​​​​​​​
People have been giving to the Lord and the church. We can’t tell you how much this means to us. There are five ways one can give. We have resumed Sunday morning worship services at 11 am at the church so you may bring your offerings with you. Many like to use the church’s secure website (wcfn316.com) to give their tithes and offerings. A few might like to text their gift to 803-219-4288. While others will mail it to the church at 350 Wattling Rd, West Columbia SC 29170. If you would like me to pick it up or if you would like to drop it off at the church, please just call me to set up a time. Again thank you for your faithfulness.

Letter From Pastor Bill

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well! I took my father to the airport on Friday. He was impressed by your hospitality throughout his stay. Thank you for making him feel so at home. I was not surprised. You all are the best. On Sunday, we will conclude our sermon series called "Tables Revisited". It should be another hallelujah worship experience. As far as prayer requests, please continue to remember Ray Brazier Sr., Ronnie Aguilera, Marie Mahaffey, Dot Livingston, Jackson Lowrimore, Joyce Wise and all of our shut-ins. Wayne Bowers' mother passed away last week. May God comfort him and his family.

God Bless,

Pastor Bill